Has Advertising's Brain Turned Sour?

lemon slices

In October 2019, alongside its annual Effectiveness Week conference, the IPA will be publishing Lemon, a book by Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System1.

Lemon is a truly groundbreaking book. It mixes cutting edge neuroscience and psychology, cultural history and evidence from the industry’s biggest effectiveness database to tell a story of how advertising has developed - and where it may have gone wrong.

For a taste of the book’s argument, check out this summary of AdMap’s recent preview article.

To see Orlando present the findings for the first time, get a ticket to the main Effectiveness Week event on October 15th.

And once the book is published we’ll be offering A Slice Of Lemon - an exclusive, free to download white paper covering some of the highlights from Orlando’s work. To pre-order it, fill in the form to the right.


“Just when you are starting to think that books on advertising effectiveness are all rather similar, along comes Orlando’s book. The book is itself a perfect illustration of the virtues it extols: entertaining, unpredictable, deep, broad-ranging and beautifully crafted. A book you will want to read.

- Peter Field